my former next door neighbour comes out as a lesbian

You know I never post celebrity gossip, because I pay less than zero attention to any of it. I never even know what the tabloid headlines are referring to. But when Allan sent me this item, well, it just had to go up.

For a time in Brooklyn, we lived next door to actor Kelly McGillis. She frequented the cafe where Allan waited tables, and was sometimes seen there with Jodie Foster. Everyone knew McGillis was gay.

This was no big deal, as half the people in our neighbourhood were gay, and it was New York City in the late 1980s, and no one really cared. But McGillis wasn't out, and seemed to have male beards hanging around, so that was sometimes a topic of conversation.

Today Allan sent me this story: Kelly McGillis has come out.

She's 51 years old and she's an actor and a beautiful woman and she's gay.

It's never too late to be yourself.

I applaud McGillis for taking what was obviously a huge, scary step into the unknown. Get out there and be yourself.

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