weather talk

One thing that's impossible to avoid in Southern California is the amazingly beautiful weather.

I often scoff at people who come home from vacations recounting a weather report - "The first day it was cloudy, then the sun came out. The second day it rained in the morning..." - and since I'm not a beach-goer, the weather on vacation is never that much of an issue for me. But man oh man, when the weather is perfect every day, how good you feel! I'm sure I mentioned this to my friends way too many times.

Almost every day is a perfect spring day. In the winter, it never snows and never gets too cold. (And if you crave snow, there are mountains nearby.) In the summer, it gets hot, but without humidity. My friends, both former New Yorkers, readily attest that 100F in SoCal is way more manageable than 85F in New York City.

I used to think I'd never want to live anywhere without a full spectrum of seasons. And I do love winter. But there's no getting around it, that gorgeous spring-like weather is just so conducive to being outside and being active. You want to garden, you want to walk, you want to bike. The famously active Southern California lifestyle is built around that gorgeous weather.

Here at home, I feel great when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you can walk outside in a t-shirt or a light jacket. So how would I feel if the weather was like that every day? Would it get boring? I doubt it.

I'm sure I'll never live in Southern California. And in the New York vs. L.A. debate, there's no contest. It's just that now I see the appeal.

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