each one, reach one: it's not about me

Judging from some unexpected reaction to my recent post about puppy mills, I didn't make my point very well.

I wasn't patting myself on the back for doing a good deed. I was feeling good about a little victory, and I wanted to share that feeling.

I was also offering an example of something each of us can do, about any issue we care about. We can seize opportunities to educate people. Instead of just listening and nodding our heads, we can listen, then offer another perspective.

We can't control the outcome, or even whether the person we're speaking to will really hear us. But we can try. Sometimes we'll succeed in a tangible way. More often than not, we'll never know the effect our words (written or spoken) might have. All the sources of information, each little piece of education, pile up. We can each be one piece in that pile.

And when we do have tangible success, we can pass that along. In turn, we might embolden or remind someone else to do the same thing.

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