home and gone

I got home yesterday afternoon, and am spending today rushing around doing things in preparation for my next trip. I like it! But it's a little hectic. I don't think I'd like to do this all the time. I would miss Allan, Tala and Cody too much.

In California, I'm visiting AWE, her husband LC, and the two new additions to their family, Casey and Jeter, both rescued dogs.

AWE and I go back a long ways - more than 20 years, to my first theatre job in New York. She moved to southern California the same week I moved to Canada; we said goodbye here. We used to live in the same neighbourhood, and frequently met for dinner, hung out, and walked home. You can't imagine what a rare treat that is in New York City. Now when I visit NYC, she's not there. So we finally realized, it's time to start planning visits, at least once a year. We are both really psyched for this, our first.

While I'm out there, I'll also visit David Cho. David and I have been blog friends a very long time. And naturally I'll also meet the incomparable Noah. You might suspect that Jeter, Casey and Noah are the true purpose of my visit.

Lots to do. See you from sunny SoCal. (Nice that it got cold here, including snow flurries, right before this trip!)

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