looking ahead, part two

I thought we would start to do some serious traveling in Canada in 2007, and had planned to start with Newfoundland. But between moving expenses, adopting a new dog, and some other obligatory (but fun) trips that are coming up, we really can't do a Big Vacation this year. That's not easy for me, but I'm resigned.

But the year will be broken up by lots of shorter getaways, which should really be fun.

First, we have The Anniversary Trip.

In early March, I'll visit my very close friend AWE, who left New York City for southern California at the same time we moved to Canada. We miss each other a lot, and are really looking forward to a four-day gabfest. (Special bonus attraction, meeting David Cho and his dog Noah!)

Allan's oldest friend, who lives in Vermont (where they grew up), is getting married this summer. While we're there we'll also visit some elderly relatives.

I'll go to New Jersey and New York City at least once, probably twice, and we hope to have some visitors from there, too.

Our nephew who's living in western Massachusetts will visit for a few days before he moves back to New Mexico. One or more other nieces or nephews may visit. I hope so.

We might take a three-day trip to Ottawa. I'd like to make the Niagara Wine Region an annual event, and to get in a habit of doing more day hiking in nearby areas in the spring and fall.

We're planning on hosting wmtc2, the second annual we move to canada party, featuring more friends, more new US defectors, more dogs, and hopefully, more shade.

And... We're really looking forward to more moving-to-Canada bloggers getting their acceptance letters and making the big move north. Stay tuned for many joyous announcements as family after family realizes their dream.

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