tuesday afternoon

buster & allan 11.15.05 003

buster & allan 11.15.05 004

buster & allan 11.15.05 006
He does that spontaneously, by himself -
just puts his paw or chin on us.

buster & allan 11.15.05 009

buster & allan 11.15.05 011


Kyahgirl said...

These are very eloquent pictures.
I glad that Buster is so well loved.
I'm sorry for your pain.

laura k said...

Thank you, L. That's a very sweet thing to say. I know you've been there too.

David Cho said...





Unknown said...

I've seen the pain too. My simpathies to you both. I guess it's best to have only great memories of your little loved one. :)

teflonjedi said...

I'm very sorry for the pain, I know Buster's a central part of your life. My sympathies to you both.

dogsled_stacie said...

Oh guys, I'm so sorry for what you're going through right now. I've just read through what I've missed for the last couple days, and I'm sitting here sobbing. This is what I frickin' hate about having dogs... yes, it's inevitable but it still sucks.

One thing that really strikes me though is what you've done for Buster - like GIVE him life. My god, not many people can deal with dogs with issues like that. You've given him as normal a life as he can have, and I sure hope you know you are making the right decision for him. You seem to always have done what's in Busters best interest, and will continue to do what is best for HIM.

And he sure seems to have brought a lot of joy in your lives. You can see his loving gaze in these photos. Sweet boy. Take care.