keep off the bandwagon

Linda McQuaig, a Canadian author, warns her country of the danger of cozying up to the W clan:
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's dogged loyalty to Bush over Iraq has won him little more than the nickname "Poodle." Blair's loyalty didn't even protect British steel exports from punishing U.S. tariffs. Bush's only concession to Blair seems to be the repatriation of British prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Perhaps in the ghastly Bush era, this is the only concession a country can hope to win from the U.S. — a torture reprieve for its citizens.

In his inaugural address, Bush hinted he plans to attack Iran as soon as possible. This sort of lawlessness is offensive to Canadians and others. But, while no country can stop — or even influence — the Bush administration, it's important to steer clear of its bandwagon.

With scary times ahead, keeping a cool head and staying true to our values should be the goal — not trying to find a comfy but worthless niche inside the Republican tent.
The column is reprinted on Common Dreams.

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