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In Philadelphia last week, we met a great couple who own a funky political/alternative bookstore just off the Penn campus. Like almost everyone else we speak to about the move, they professed interest in moving to Canada, too. According to what I've read, if they want to start a business (in their case, a bookstore) in Canada - and especially, if they choose a non-urban area - Canadian Immigration will welcome them with open arms.


Allan and I are applying for residence under "skilled worker" status, but another way to go is as a business owner or entrepreneur. Under that status, you have to show proof of having run a business in your home country, you need a lot of money with which to start a business, and you have to promise to hire at least one Canadian full-time within a year after moving. That's it.


As far as I can tell, they are really encouraging people to open businesses in Canada, especially in less populated areas, which is basically everywhere except Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The Philadelphia bookstore couple are also highly educated (that is, they can prove their education on paper) and one of them speaks French. I say: Go! 


Cheesesteaks. I am very tempted to write about our wonderful little visit to Philly, but I think that constitutes a "what I did today" blog entry, so I'm restraining myself. But maybe it's a travel journal.  I would permit that...


allan said...

Uh oh ... Describing the yummy cheesesteaks? Ah, the slippery slope of blogism! Told ya!

Laura liked the idea of starting this blog, but she made it clear to me that she absolutely did not want to start a diary, wherein she would recount how sublime her coffee was this morning, how we had a small mouse living with us for a few days or what that strange smell out in the hallway was. (We actually did have a mouse living with us a few months ago. He (?) was quite cute, grey, didn't bother the dogs at all, and left as quietly as he came.)

Anyway, I'm encouraging others to leave comments -- stuff maybe you normally would have emailed to Laura, but could be shared with others.

[Note: "redsock" = Allan.]

laura k said...

My first comment! Yay!

I am very much afraid of the slippery slope of blogism. I hate those self-absorbed chronicles of nothingness that constitute 75% of the blogs out there. (Am I being generous? Is it more like 90%?)

Why do these people need to publicly chronicle every mundane thought and action, as if they are noteworthy? I want to scream at them, stop talking about your boring life! Go out there and live it!!

There. That's all I needed to remind myself what I will NOT be doing on this blog. Not not not!!!

Allan's blog, of course, belongs to the elite 10%. As, I'm sure, does the blog of every person reading this. :)

But p.s. That mouse was pretty cute. One day we saw his little twitching nose sticking out from under the CDs...