By this time, almost everyone in our lives knows about our impending BLC. Everyone has been extremely supportive - including my mom, for whom this is unwelcome news.

It's no surprise that my mother is supportive, she's never been anything but. But she wants all her children within easy driving distance; that's very important to her. (And I think that has kept me here longer than I might have otherwise been.) So it's damn big of her to be on my side even when it runs counter to her own wishes.

Old friends are shocked that we are leaving New York; apparently my identity as the Last Diehard New Yorker is well established. A very close friend told me she imagined us as old ladies together, having dinner at an Upper West Side coffee shop. That surely brings a lump to my throat.

The most common reaction has been, "We've talked about doing that, too," or words to that effect. At least one gay couple we know may be following us over the border, and my brother is thinking about Vancouver.

If the election goes the wrong way - or if "something happens" and another election is stolen - perhaps we can be a model for others.

If the election goes the right way, we're still leaving. I want these maniacs out of Washington more than anything in the world, it's practically all I can think about. I do think John Kerry and a "centrist" Democrat administration would be a big improvement. But I have no illusions about how much change to expect, and what path this country is on.

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