if you're going to live in a small town, it's good to find one with an airport

I'm grateful this tiny airport exists!
Today begins my solo trip to visit family in Oregon and California. I'm super excited! Traveling from Port Hardy, here's what it entails:

  • Fly from Port Hardy to Vancouver. The plane is tiny and the view is spectacular.
  • Stay overnight in an aiport hotel in Vancouver.
  • Fly from Vancouver to San Francisco, and San Francisco to Medford, Oregon.

Travel is very different when you don't live near a major airport! And I'm also traveling to a town without a major airport. The way home is less complicated, because I'm flying from San Francisco -- SF to Vancouver, Vancouver to Port Hardy, in the same day, without staying over in Vancouver.

I'm not complaining! I love travel and I'm always happy to be going anywhere. Unlike many people, I don't even hate air travel. Travel = good.

I'm very happy there's a small airport in town. Otherwise it would take an entire day of travel to get to Vancouver: drive for five hours, arrive at ferry at least an hour in advance, then a two-hour ferry. Then a bus or cab to the airport. 

This is a strictly family-visit trip, in keeping with my intention to only travel to visit friends and family for some years.