using mailchimp for subscribe-by-email is no longer working (updated: it is working?!)

If you subscribed to this blog through the widget on the sidebar, that service is no longer working. Mailchimp's free option has a cap on sends -- not only how many email addresses you can send at a time (which I knew) but how many you can send, cumulatively** (which I didn't know). 

Even the lowest paid Mailchimp option is more than I need. And since reading this blog is free, writing it should be free, too. 

I am still receiving emails for blogs I subscribe to, but I don't know how long that will last. Perhaps Blogger hasn't gotten around to completely killing Feedburner yet.

So... anyone who wants to read this blog will have to figure out how to continue without the email alerts. This makes me sad, but I also don't want to fuss with it anymore.

* * * *

** It appears the service is working! Perhaps the cap on sends is monthly, and by blogging every day while we were traveling, I hit the limit. And now the monthly allowance begins again. 

In which case, I will put the "subscribe by email" widget back on the sidebar. And this gives me an opportunity to tweak that a bit.

Nothing to see here. Carry on.


With God's Help said...

I got an alert today 🙂

laura k said...

So did I!

Amy said...

I am so confused. Mostly I still get email notifications like I always have---one for each new post. But then I also get occasionally an email notification that there are new posts to see with a link to the blog itself.

Which one will be discontinued?

I guess I also can always rely on your FB posts of the blog. They seem to appear sooner than either of the mail notification types.

laura k said...

Old: Google/Blogger announced that the old email notifications -- one for each post -- would be discontinued in July. It hasn't happened yet, which is typical, but it likely will at some point.

New: The email notifications with the link to the blog -- showing the wmtc header -- but not linking to individual posts, are from the new system I have set up through Mailchimp. On the free level of Mailchimp, there is a limit on how many sends to individual subscribers you can get per month. Normally that will work well enough.

FB: As soon as I have a new post, I put the URL on Facebook. That works great for you and some other readers, but it omits most wmtc readers.

laura k said...

And thank you for reading and caring!

johngoldfine said...

I have a shortcut to JOS on my desktop--once there, I always hit the links to Tested By Research and wmtc. (JOS v. Tested by Research: at this point it's hard to say whether I'm made sadder by the Boston team or the doings of the former guy and his claque.)

Amy said...

Thanks, Laura! I will find you one way or another!