goodbye charlie watts

Charlie Watts was the greatest rock and roll drummer of all time. He's the reason the Stones' music has so much swing, why it skips and chugs and rolls and flies, where so much rock merely clumps and plods. His playing was always described as propulsive.  

And of course Charlie was known for his deadpan style, his bemused, unflappable demeanour. He always talked about hating touring, but loving playing with the band, the central, unresolvable dilemma of his life. I love how he always mentioned his fascination with jazz.

Everyone jokes about how Keith Richards will outlive us all. But one by one, the original members of the Rolling Stones will die, and I will be gutted, every time.


Lorne said...

When the icons of our youth start falling away, it is gutting. No one really likes such reminders of mortality.

laura k said...

I'm sure that is true for many people. I feel my own mortality every day. But the losses of the artists I love feel like personal losses.

I dread the day of one day hearing that Mick and Keith are gone. Dylan. And above all, Joni.