cooking with cookie!

We had a bit of excitement last week, and I realized I shared it only on Facebook. I'm sure wmtc readers want an answer to the burning question, What is Cookie up to now?

This is what she's up to! 

She Who Cannot Be Contained must have put her paws on the kitchen counter -- I had been cooking and she was looking for morsels -- and on the way down, hit the stove, turning on a burner. The Instant Pot lid was resting on the stovetop. 

I was on a zoom meeting with my door shut, but Allan (who has almost no sense of smell) smelled fumes -- went downstairs -- and found the kitchen and hallway filling with smoke. The smoke detector never went off. The smell of burning plastic lingered for days.

New Instant Pot ordered.

Batteries in smoke detectors changed.

Guards for the burner knobs ordered.  

Reading reviews of various knob guards on Amazon, more people needed them for dogs than for children!

In case you are wondering, Cookie is still finding ways to leave the house -- unauthorized and unaccompanied. She runs around the neighbourhood, joyous and free, until she lets us corral her. She has done some very impressive recall when we were away from home, but when it comes to her own street, nada

Somehow these shenanigans just make me love her more. Maybe I relate to her total disregard for authority.



impudent strumpet said...

Cookie's colouring reminds me of a sugar cookie. Is that where her name comes from or just coincidence?

(Also, I'm very proud of her for continually outsmarting her humans)

laura k said...

She already had the name when we adopted her, so I don't know. But I do call her "my little golden oreo"!

It would be easier if Cookie were more obedient but I do love her independent spirit.