you're not going to believe this... introducing cookie!

I fell in love with Cookie the first time I saw her outside the library. I knew her current people wouldn't keep her. Yada yada yada, today she joined our pack.

Cookie is a tiny slip of a thing, smaller than Kai, and very skinny. She has not had a lick of training. We haven't had a dog starting at square one in a long time! I have no doubt that with patience, consistency, and the example of her packmates, she'll come along very quickly.

We took her home this morning, first stopping at an empty ballfield to do a bit of recall training and bonding, and to burn off some energy. She did great on the recall, until she didn't, happily trotting away to say hello to a group of students. One of the girls grabbed her leash.

Diego was very happy to meet Cookie. Kai was very serious about demonstrating her dominance, but Cookie showed no aggression. We had no idea how Kai would react, so this was nice to see.

Cookie was frightened and cowering while Diego and Kai inspected her. She hid under a chair a few times, tail tucked under her legs. But it wasn't long before she came out to play, first tentatively, and now, just a few hours later, romping around, seemingly carefree.

So... here we are.

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