happy diego day!

One year ago today, we adopted Diego. I had just gotten home from my spring New York visit. Allan and I had been looking at dogs online, and had decided Diego was our guy. I called Toronto Animal Services to ask about him, thinking we would go there in the next few days. But of course they can't hold dogs for potential adopters, and I was worried someone else would scoop him up. I didn't unpack or even go upstairs! We put Tala in the car and drove straight there.

From the moment we brought him home, Diego was a member of our family, as if he had always lived with us. Diego and Tala were instant buddies, and are now deeply attached to each other.

Diego is one of the happiest, friendliest dogs you'll ever meet. He's a little too friendly at times - the only thing our big boy can be faulted for is exuberance. But when his happiness gets the better of him and he jumps up to say hello, he just raises himself up in front of you and kisses your face. This is a great trick for a 90-pound dog! Jumping up is not polite, but it's a whole lot better than laying his big paws on your chest. (Our first dog used to nearly knock me over every time I came home.)

In short, we love him to pieces - and so does Tala.

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