another victory: historic reduction in unnecessary animal testing in europe

From HSI Canada:
Humane Society International has just secured the biggest reduction in animal testing requirements in history!

Our science team has been hard at work for more than two years, negotiating with companies, government authorities and elected officials in Brussels for major changes to European testing requirements for pesticides and biocides -- among the most heavily animal-tested products in existence.

And what we've achieved is unprecedented.

Until now, dozens of different animal-poisoning tests have been required by law before a pesticide is approved for sale. In some cases, more than 13,000 animals are killed for a single new pesticide ingredient.

But together, we’ve made great strides toward convincing European authorities to say goodbye to outdated animal tests and to take up the very latest animal replacement and reduction alternatives. Going forward:

• Twelve-month dog-poisoning studies: gone.

• Lethal dose skin, inhalation and injection tests on rabbits and other animals: on the way out, no longer an absolute requirement.

• We've just secured the first-ever legal acceptance of alternative test methods and strategies that reduce animal use by 40 to 70 percent.

And that's just the beginning. Next up? After this enormous victory for animals and humane science in Europe, we’re moving into the world’s other major pesticide markets -- the United States, Canada, India and Brazil -- to make sure animals everywhere benefit from these advances.
Que brava!

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