time lapse photography, garden-to-table edition

Corn and tomato salad:
tomatoes (our gardenette)
corn (Ontario)
lime juice

Friends over for dinner and baseball tonight. The menu is a little slice of summer:
- grilled lime-garlic-marinated chicken, local/organic/ethically raised from Beretta Farms,
- corn and tomato salad, see above,
- grilled asparagus, local... if you're Peruvian,
- sourdough bread, Whole Foods,
- pineapple/strawberries/cantaloupe/nectarines,
- and of course plenty of Ontario wine.

Our first gardening experience has left us completely amazed. We never thought these plants would grow so huge or yield so many tomatoes. We're keeping track of how many tomatoes we pick. (I know this would normally be done by the pound, but we have nothing to weigh them on, so we're just counting.) We've picked 35 so far, and there's a few dozen still on the vine.

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