wmtc letter in globe and mail: my canada includes the right to protest

I have a letter in today's Globe and Mail, in response to a disgusting letter they ran yesterday. Sentences in brackets were cut.
A letter writer says, "The people of Canada are sick and tired of immigrants who bring the battles of their home country with them". Many of the people protesting are Canadian: We are sickened by genocides around the world and tired of people not paying attention to them. [Perhaps the letter writer does not care about the world outside Canada's borders, but many Canadians do.

The letter also suggests that the Tamil protests be met with arrests. My Canada includes the right to protest.]

Laura Kaminker
Mississauga, ON

The overall reaction to the Tamil genocide - a yawning silence - and to the Tamil protests in Toronto - how dare you inconvenience me! - is so disheartening.

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