what liberal media?

Finally, the religious right has a reference site of its own: Conservapedia. Don't be surprised if you can't get to it - it's listed in Technorati's Top 10 searches. Here's a sample from Conservapedia's main page:
Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American. On Wikipedia, many of the dates are provided in the anti-Christian "C.E." instead of "A.D.", which Conservapedia uses. Christianity receives no credit for the great advances and discoveries it inspired, such as those of the Renaissance.

While you're waiting for Conservapedia to load (or not), here's a very amusing post about it, from blogger Jon Swift.
For years homeschooled children have had to rely for all of their information on Wikipedia, which is full of dangerous ideas that homeschooling was supposed to prevent from seeping into the home. Now, finally, there is an alternative, which doesn't have any controversial ideas at all: Conservapedia. Conservapedia is based on good Christian values, unlike Wikipedia, which I gather from the name, is based on Wiccan.

I take it the blogger named him- or herself after Jonathan Swift, one of the greatest satirists of all time. Good name, great post.

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