dilemma: please opine

I'm supposed to be writing right now. But that's not the dilemma.

I've chatted with my DNS hosts. It seems much of strange behaviour of wmtc.ca is caused by the "stealth" URL forwarding.

The "ghost" blog address - how this blog is actually hosted on Blogger - is wmtc.blogspot.com. It is then stealth-forwarded to wmtc.ca. That's how I can use Blogger, get all the new Blogger functions, and still have my own domain name.

If I turn off stealth forwarding, and just use regular URL forwarding, the ghost URL will appear in your browser. But the blog would stop doing some of the odd things it does, like retain the wmtc.ca URL when you click on a link from this page.

But what's the point of having my own URL, which I pay for and which I am very fond of, if this other URL shows up in your browser? It wouldn't even be my original address, wemovetocanada.blogspot.com, but some non-existent URL. If I'm not going to use wmtc.ca, I would have just stayed with the original address in the first place.

Which would you do? Not worry about these little weirdities? Or turn off the stealth feature and get this other address?

Before you answer, please do not suggest another option entirely, such as using WordPress software or switching to WordPress's hosted service. I have explored both those possibilities to death, along with several others. For many reasons, Blogger is still the best (or least worst) option for me.

Update: Please don't be put off by the long off-topic conversation, which a few of us picked up from this thread (more on the subject here). I do want your opinion on this. Thanks.

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