i take the bus

Today was my first commute from the new place. It wasn't so bad. Nothing beats walking to the GO train and zipping in from Port Credit, but this was fine.

The GO bus, at least the one I took, is a little shabby and run-down compared to the Lakeshore trains, but no matter. More importantly, I wasn't nauseated as I often am on buses, and I even managed to read! Although it was risky, I had to try it, and was sure to put the book away as we hit city traffic at the very end.

The Union Station Bus Terminal, on the east side of Union Station, gives me a longer walk to work, but that's kind of nice. In bad weather I can walk through the station anyway. Best of all, Cooksville is the last stop before Union, so it's really very fast.

I wish I could walk from home to the bus, since Allan will often have to wake up to drive me after working til 1:00 a.m. the night before. I agreed to the house on condition that he not complain about this.

* * * *

I am very happy to admit that Allan was right about the house. It's great. It's more spacious, more modern, and just altogether nicer than the old place.

Lower rent is nice, too. I think one reason I loved the other house so much was that I was just so thrilled to live in a house (instead of an apartment) and to have a backyard. My last five or so years in New York, I was really missing that. But leaving aside location and just comparing house to house, this one is way better.

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