As if on cue, a comment from a wingnut! It's the first wmtc has received in quite a while. I deleted it, but here it is without attribution:
Thank you for leaving the United States. The fewer "progressives" that infest it, the better it's chances for survival.

Great nations do not die, they commit suicide. And the leftwing is the knife with which Uncle Sam slits his wrists.
This wingnut and I agree on a major point. I also think the United States has committed suicide. But seriously, can you imagine believing that the left in the US is what killed it? Whoa, baby.

I thank him or her for the misused apostrophe. What would a troll comment be without at least one good grammatical error?

I guess the wtmc comments and deletion policy, like everything else in my life, comes down to what feels right. I just can't leave crap like this on my blog, except in this form.

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