We are having such a great time with E.

Monday night we barbecued a wonderful, simple dinner, and sat outside talking until very late, then sat inside talking until even later. Yesterday we took a long walk on the waterfront trail, swam in our neighbour's pool - well, floated, along with vodka-and-grapefruit juice coolers - then more lovely outdoors eating, then some baseball.

Today we're heading into T.O. for some exploring. I keep suggesting going out to dinner, but this gorgeous weather makes us want to picnic in the backyard. Sometime before Eva leaves, we'll look at pictures of India and Peru.

I truly feel like I'm on vacation. Next week I have to start my next round of writing assignments, so this relaxing time is just brilliant.

Also, my niece is completely amazing.

I hope you're all well! What's going on?

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