wmtc meets lwb

Half of LWB, that is. Last night we finally met Nick! We had dinner at Allen's, on the Danforth, not far from Nick and Mason's new home. (!!)

As I've often mentioned, Nick was the first person to contact me about possibly emigrating to Canada after the 2004 "election". (Last night Nick reminded us that that actually happened through Allan; they were both on DU.) Nick's arrival in T.O. means the next wave of fed-up Americans will now be crossing the border. It's exciting.

He told us some funny (well, pathetic) stories about what some people in Colorado asked about Canada. We can maybe forgive them for not knowing that people in Toronto speak English, but sled dogs??? Say it ain't so!

Nick's been in Toronto this week, looking for a place for he and Mason to live and taking care of other business. Regarding something we've been chatting about in comments, many rentals said "no dogs" or "no pets". That's disappointing. As in so many things, a law is not a law unless it's enforced.

The good news is that he found a house to rent, and it sounds fantastic. He also set up a bank account, put the utilities under his name, ordered cable, internet and phone service, all that kind of business. And guess what? It all went smoothly and everyone was extremely friendly. Exactly the same experience we had. Trontonians: don't complain. You have it good.

I had such a good time last night. Meeting Nick was truly like meeting an old friend. Plus he's got the cutest dimples.

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