question for people using blogger with custom domains

A few years ago, I used Blogger with my own domain, wmtc.ca. There was an issue with individual posts not publishing correctly. The main page, wmtc.ca, was fine. But if you clicked on a post, you still got wmtc.ca, not wmtc.ca/todayspost.html. You could get a unique URL for a post if you right-clicked, but people didn't do that, so when readers posted a link somewhere, they were using the URL from the main page.

Eventually this got too annoying, and I changed to URL forwarding. I still own wmtc.ca, but it forwards to wmtc.blogspot.com (now .ca, thanks to Google deciding to aid potential government censors). But of course I'm much rather use wmtc.ca and get the blogspot out of the address.

As I said, this was quite a few years ago, and maybe Blogger has fixed this issue. I asked my DNS host, but they didn't know. Anyone?

[And while you're here, would you mind answering a quick, one-question survey? Thank you!]

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