html/css help needed (fixed!!)

As you can see, strange things have been happening to this blog's template, and I've been unable to find the source and fix it.

The header background is appearing in a strange (ugly!) colour. I can't find the code that is making this happen. If you click on any of the tabs ("contact", "comment policy", wmtc's greatest hits", etc.), you will see how the header background is supposed to look. If you click on an individual post, same thing. The colour code for the header background (#111111) is in there. But something is overriding it on the main page.

Of lesser importance, a gradient code is causing the background to have a fade effect. I would like a solid background without this effect, but when I try to change or remove the code, I get error messages. I don't know whether that's a Blogger glitch or my own error.

I would also like to remove the second background, now showing up as a pale green, in between the main blog and the gray background. I assume this is some kind of wrapper. I don't want it.

I tried switching to an entirely new template. I customized that template to the extent it would let me. I was still unable to get rid of these issues.

I don't know what else to do. I've posted on the Blogger Help Forum but I don't expect anything to come of that.

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