best of wmtc, 2011 edition

During the school term, I am frequently frustrated by not being able to blog. I have ideas for posts that never get written - unusual for me, and unpleasant. If this annual tradition of collecting my best posts from the past year serves no other purpose, it reminds me that I actually am still writing.

This the long list for best-of wmtc in 2011.

resistance is not futile: resistance is everything

how to save the public library

"all we know is we are going to get our freedom" (Report on forum on revolution in Egypt.)

my police complaint saga comes to a close

stephen harper dismantles canada's refugee system; jason kenney attacks canadian democracy

haliburton wolves in winter

¡bienvenido diego! (Not best-of, but most important! More good dog pics here: in which i undertake something completely new: my first garden.)

books on books, part 1: robert darnton, the case for books

books on books, part 2: contested will by james shapiro

books on books, part 3: reading matters: what the research reveals about reading, libraries and community

thou shalt be thin: obesity hysteria and the eating disorder epidemic

the only good bargaining is collective bargaining

"we work to buy things that are built to die so that we must work to buy more things that will break"

war is peace, freedom is slavery, and bp is listening: more tales of corporate propaganda (My pick for best post of the year.)

on the dangers of centrism

occupy movement: some answers to cynics and detractors

"she is my family" and other revelations of humanity: s. brian willson in toronto (Allan guest post.)

how can we live without polar bears? bbc's planet earth gets political

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