and now to defeat the harper government

Well, I thought I'd be sad. But I'm not sad. I'm excited.

I'm not excited about Thomas Mulcair, but I'm excited about a re-grouped and re-energized New Democratic Party. I almost don't care who the leader is. All I want is to beat Harper.

All I want is to stop building prisons and redirect those funds to education.

All I want is to protect and enhance publicly financed health care.

All I want is to eradicate poverty.

All I want is to stop wasteful military spending.

All I want is Canada out of Afghanistan, Libya, and wherever else they'll follow the US.

All I want is to tax corporations fairly so we can give ordinary people better lives.

All I want is a government that will protect and sustain the environment.

All I want is a real democracy.

That's all I want from my government.

I know I won't get everything on my wish-list, but there's only one party that will even try to get us there, and if Thomas Mulcair is the leader of that party, then I'm on board.

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