ndp leadership vote: holding my breath, hoping not to hold my nose

I purposely haven't blogged about the NDP leadership contest, as I don't do party politics. But now we're down to the very end, and I'm worried.

A mere skim of the headlines at Progressive Bloggers is eye-opening - and nauseating. So many (supposed) progressives want to see the party move even further to the (supposed) centre. At the height of the party's strength, they want to betray the legacy of Tommy Douglas and Jack Layton and become a slightly more liberal version of the Liberals. And it all makes sense, right? Since the Liberals are conservative, and the Conservatives are right-wing reactionaries. And the millions of Canadians who voted for an alternative, who want to see social democratic values put into policy, what do we do?

Before I answer that question, I'm holding my breath, and quoting Dr. Dawg: "If I wanted a Liberal to lead my party"... If either Thomas Mulcair or Brian Topp leads the NDP, I will be sick. And very sad.

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