where stephen harper is today

Tonight, September 26, Stephen Harper is in Toronto.

Where: Etobicoke Centre campaign office, 317 Burnhamthorpe Road

When: People will be gathering around 6:30 for an estimated 7:00 arrival

Why: Many reasons, but for now, for me, the message is "Stop The Deportations".

By Public Transit from Toronto: Subway westbound to Islington station, then #50 bus on Burnhamthorpe towards Martin Grove. Bus leaves every 15 minutes. Ride will be about 10 minutes.

* * * *

We won a big victory, with the Federal Court staying the removal of Jeremy Hinzman and his family. But another war resister family waits in the wings, and after that, another and another and another, all potentially facing the threat of deportation if Harper continues to ignore democracy by refusing to implement the June 3rd motion.

After my recent post announcing Harper's appearance in Courtenay, BC, a reader wrote:
Also, it's interesting that neither of the local newspapers here had any firm info about the Harper visit, just that he is "expected" or that local Conservatives "have been advised" that he will visit but that few or no details were available. There are no further details on the newspaper websites either.

This morning's paper, for example, has this headline over a small item on the front page "Harper visit coming today?" (note the question mark) with the statement that "No confirmation was given from the local Conservative office about the visit."

"Security issues" were cited for all this secrecy. Guess they don't want anyone showing up except the party faithful.

They'll be very disappointed, won't they?

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