tomorrow: call harper and finley

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17:
Call Stephen Harper and Diane Finley: tell them to stop the deportation of Jeremy Hinzman and his family


IN 8 DAYS, US Iraq war resister Jeremy Hinzman, his wife Nga Nguyen and their two young children face deportation from Canada to the United States. If deported, Jeremy faces a court-martial and imprisonment for his refusal to participate in the illegal and immoral Iraq war.

On July 15th, another US war resister – Robin Long – was deported by the Harper government to the US where he was sentenced to 15 months in jail. He also received a dishonourable discharge, the equivalent of a felony conviction.

Canadians have repeatedly expressed their support for Iraq war resisters. On June 3rd, a motion was adopted in the House of Commons in favour of allowing resisters to stay in Canada, and calling on the federal government to cease deportation proceedings. A recent poll by Angus Reid found that two-thirds of Canadians support letting US war resisters stay.

The War Resisters Support Campaign is urgently requesting your help.

On Wednesday, September 17, please call Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Immigration Diane Finley to demand:
• that they stop the deportation of Jeremy Hinzman and his family;
• that they respect the democratic will of Parliament and implement the War Resisters motion.

Stephen Harper:
Campaign office: 403.266.4451
Constituency office: 403.253.7990

Diane Finley:
Campaign office: 519.429.3382
Constituency office: 519.426.3400

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