today in toronto: another free screening of "breaking ranks"

Today, September 14, at 2:00 p.m., Canadian filmmaker Michelle Mason invites you to a free screening of her film "Breaking Ranks". It will be shown at the NFB Mediatheque, 150 John Street (south of Queen Street West), in Toronto.

Michelle Mason sends this message:
Dear friends,

Jeremy Hinzman and his family are scheduled to be deported from Canada on September 23rd under the directive of the Harper government.

As you may know, Jeremy is the first soldier from the Iraq War to seek refuge in Canada, and he is featured in my film about war resistance, BREAKING RANKS.

The deportation order not only contravenes a motion passed by Parliament on June 3 of this year, that called for a special provision to let war resisters stay in Canada, but also contravenes international law.

Under the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the Nuremberg Principles established after WWII, a soldier has not only the right but a responsibility to resist illegal orders.

In other words, if a war is illegal (unsanctioned by the United Nations; the reason Canada did not join the US in invading Iraq), an order to participate in the war is also illegal.

Why should Canada be more anxious to support the failed policies of George W. Bush, than the will of the Canadian people, as expressed through opinion polls and their elected representatives?

Where is our democracy heading and what can you do about it?

Helping these young soldiers uphold their principles, is a step towards upholding our own.

If we don't stand by our principles, we stand to lose them.


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