possible liberal-ndp coalition?

I saw this yesterday on Progressive Bloggers, although unfortunately I can't remember whose blog it was, so I can't credit the blogger. Yesterday I couldn't find any corroboration, but today it seems to have some weight.
The New Democratic Party is open to forming a coalition with the Liberals if it would help implement the party's policies, NDP Leader Jack Layton said Monday.

Layton, speaking to CTV's Canada AM, hinted he would work with the Liberals if the two parties combined won more seats in Parliament than the Tories on Oct. 14.

"I've worked with any other party, I think people have seen that," Layton said.

"Maybe it goes back to my days as municipal councillor -- you roll up your sleeves and you try to solve a problem. And I think the problem we have is Stephen Harper and his Conservatives."

However, when asked if he'd agree to a formal arrangement, Layton was more evasive.

"I think what I'll do is, hopefully, sit down in the Prime Minister's Office and pull together the leadership of my party and say, 'How can we best serve the country? How can we best get that child-care program that we committed to?"' he said.

"`How can we best get those doctors and nurses trained to deal with these wait times that are really concerning families?' And let's make it happen."

Layton attacked the Tories, saying the party was taking Canada down the "wrong path" with policies that mirror those of U.S. President George Bush.

I don't know what the chances are of this actually happening, but I'd be very excited to see it.

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