good war resister news!

This just in! Two great things happened to war resister Corey Glass today.

One, he got married! Congratulations to Corey and Lindsay. Here's to a long life together in Canada.

And two, the Federal Court has decided to hear Corey's appeal against the rejection of his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) and his application for Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) consideration. The hearing will take place some time in November.

This Federal Court decision could have a positive effect on other war resisters who have had negative decisions on their PRRA and H&C applications. It could mean that Jeremy Hinzman and his family will also get leave to appeal when they approach the Federal Court in the next few days. And there are other war resisters, such as the Ryan family, who will soon learn the results of their PRRA and H&C applications on October 8. More are in the pipeline, and they too might benefit from this breakthrough in Corey's case.

It seems that the Federal Court is beginning to take note of the errors and misunderstandings that have led to so many unfavourable decisions by the Immigration and Refugee Board and by the CIC on the war resisters. This is great news. Here's to the trend continuing.

It also seems clear that the huge support the war resisters have received from Parliament, from organizations throughout Canada, and from thousands of individual Canadians, and people throughout the world, are helping the courts understand the urgency and importance of the war resisters cause.

This is why you should come out in support of the resisters on September 13.

This is why it is crucial that the war resister issue become part of the upcoming election campaign.

If Harper's Conservatives are returned to power, they will continue their relentless efforts to force war resisters and their families to face punishment in the US.

A vote for Stephen Harper is a vote to kick Jeremy Hinzman and his family out of Canada.

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