play the "why we don't want another harper government" game

I started to write a post listing all the many reasons that the Harper Government has been bad for Canada, and why we don't want another. But how much typing can one blogger do? I need your help.

Please leave a comment giving one reason why the Harper Government has been bad for Canada. I will collect them all into one post, with links and credits.

Let's see how long a list we can make!

Here are the rules of the game.

- One reason per comment.

- No duplicates. If someone else has already posted the reason, think of another.

- However, you can be as specific as you like.

- To prevent one zealous commenter from having all the fun, please no more than one comment per person per hour.

Let the game begin! Me first. We don't want another Harper government because...

We want people of conscience who refused to participate in the invasion and occupation of Iraq to be able to stay in Canada.

Your turn!

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