let them stay: civil disobedience begins

Right now, a member of the War Resisters Support Campaign is occupying the offices of Trevor Kennerd, Conservative Candidate for Winnipeg South Centre.

Peace activist Michael Welsh has refused to leave and will likely be arrested at 6:00 when the office closes. Welsh has begun a hunger strike in protest of the deportation of war resister Jeremy Hinzman.

Also today, a huge demonstration will be held in the riding of Diane Finley, Minister for Citizenship and Immigration.

Speak up, Canadians. Demand that Jeremy Hinzman and his family be allowed to stay in Canada.

Stand up for family values: peace, justice, the right to self-determination.

Stand up for democracy: for a Canada governed by the will of the people as expressed through Parliament, not one man, for a Canada governed for Canada, not for the US war machine.

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