state murder of anthony davis stayed, for now

About two weeks ago, I blogged about Anthony Davis, a man on death row in Georgia (US). Davis has been on death row for 15 years, and is almost certainly innocent. At the very least, there are huge questions surrounding his conviction.

He was scheduled to be executed in three days when the ACLU began a huge public-outreach campaign, in addition to petitioning the US Supreme Court in his defense. For more details about Davis's case, please go back and read this post.

Here's the latest from the ACLU.
Rarely have the actions of ACLU supporters like you made such a powerful and tangible difference as they have in the life of death row prisoner Troy Davis.

Over the past two weeks, tens of thousands of ACLU activists have demanded justice for Troy. Without that outcry, a man who is most likely innocent may well have been killed by the State of Georgia without any court ever hearing the compelling evidence of his innocence.

Yesterday, in a dramatic turn of events, the United States Supreme Court saved Troy Davis's life just two hours before his scheduled execution.

His fate is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. They’ve stayed his execution. But, unless they now decide to hear his case, that stay will soon be lifted. And then only Georgia officials can stop his execution.

Troy Davis's case is far from unique. Sadly, it is a very public demonstration of what can go wrong when courts and legislatures use procedural barriers to block persuasive claims of innocence and other constitutional violations. And he is only one of the thousands of others on death row.

We must increase the public outcry. Write a letter to the editor now.

130 innocent individuals have been released from death rows across this nation after having been wrongfully convicted. Will Troy Davis join the ranks of the other men and women who have been killed by the state in spite of compelling evidence of their innocence?

We must increase the public outcry about the death penalty -- and you can help. Write letters to the editor. Call your local radio station. Post your personal call for justice on blog sites. Do everything you can to highlight this case and the fundamental unfairness of the death penalty.

Keep the public pressure on.

If we want an America where we don't need the highest court in the land to have to step in to stop innocent people from being put to death, we all have to get involved.

Don't let it happen. Not to anyone. Help bring the plight of Troy Davis to public attention and save the lives of innocent Americans on death row around the country.

I can think of no greater injustice than the execution of an innocent person. I can think of no greater intrusion of the state into lives of citizens - no greater violation of bodily integrity - than the state being allowed to kill a citizen.

I didn't think I could do much to help save Anthony Davis's life, but it seems like what little we can do may be working. The ACLU is making it very easy. Click on this link to write a letter to a newspaper.

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