"all canadians in sweater vests" (updated)

Stephen Harper visited the Halton region yesterday, in support of Conservative candidate Lisa Raitt. We had a little welcoming committee waiting.

Inspired by the brilliant activism of the London Campaigners, several carloads of people came from Oakville and Toronto - and at least one from Mississauga, c'est moi.

I counted around 35 people, a decent turnout on no notice and in the middle of rush hour, and all of us holding signs. There was a huge banner reading DON'T DEPORT JEREMY HINZMAN, and many signs protesting arts and cultural budget cuts, jobs not war, and such. Someone had a great big cardboard scissors.

Among us was Michelle Bilek, the NDP Candidate for Oakville. It still amazes me - and excites me - to see a candidate, a regular person, in jeans and a t-shirt, out protesting with the people. She looked ready to attack the bus when it rolled in. I mean that in a good way.

We chanted ourselves hoarse, shouting Harper Out, Resisters In, Say No To No Change and Harper Out Now. One man was determined to continually shout, "All Canadians In Sweater Vests!". Not sure why.

It was fun, and the more places Harper is greeted by protests, the greater the chance of it being noticed nationally. I highly recommend it. It's easy: check Conservative candidates' websites, make some signs, email some friends. Et voilĂ , instant protest.

Update: Good local coverage here. Thanks to Dharma Seeker for sending.

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