to everyone whose blog i am following

"Following" blogs is not working for me.

Blogger's "Blogs I'm Following" function shows up on your dashboard page. I go to the dashboard a zillion times a day to check for comments awaiting moderation, for both wmtc and Joy of Sox.

Now when I do that, all the things I should or could be reading are staring me in the face. You can't change the default tab to Blogs of Note or Blogger Buzz. It's always the Following feed.

Seeing Blogs I'm Following a zillion times a day is contributing to my ever-present feelings of being overwhelmed, and the energy it takes to focus and manage my time. I need to return to my previous method of keeping track of people's blogs, through feeds on my iGoogle page, which I only see when I choose to see them.

So, dear everyone whose blog I am following, I am removing myself from your Following list. Not because I am no longer interested in your blog, and not because I will read your blog any less frequently. Trust me. It's a sanity thing.

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