cpmvfsgu day 7: salt spring island (sunday)

Today's big news is that the GP Dermatologist in Campbell River will see me on the day we are driving through that town, on our way home. Which is two days from now! I'm so relieved I could cry.

I called and pleaded my case -- to be honest, just a simple explanation, I didn't need to exaggerate! -- and also explained we would be passing through town in a couple of days. The scary part was waiting to see if they actually had the referral. I suppose if they hadn't, I could have corrected that with more phone calls. 

The best thing is once the doctor sees me, I'll be able to follow up by phone, without a huge amount of waiting.

* * * *

There was also some conditional good news from Oregon, as my brother and sister-in-law, nephew, grand-niece, etc., are back in their homes, and have power for the first time in nearly a week. They live on a hillside; those in the valley below have lost everything. Last we spoke, SIL was looking into how they could volunteer and/or donate to help the community. I can't even imagine what people are going through.

* * * *

Yesterday was uneventful, thank goddess. 

We had delicious lamb burgers for lunch at the Burger Bar, sitting outside on the water. It's overcast and chilly, which is lovely. 

We went to Country Grocer, which, as it turns out, is a very nice store, but not the Greatest Supermarket Ever. This is mildly amusing, as Allan normally believes I am exaggerating.

We had Zoom drinks with friends, who also happen to be a nephew and niece-in-law. 

And we read.

And that was it! Which was perfect.

There are several things I want to blog about, but can't get past lying on the couch reading.


Amy said...

Glad to hear your relatives are safe. What a nightmare that whole situation is.

Sounds like a lovely day, and I hope you get some answers from the doctor tomorrow. You didn't mention having awful itching so I am hoping that means that either you aren't feeling quite as awful or the fact that you know you will be seeing the doctor is making you less upset about it.

laura k said...

Itching, well, there are only so many times you can say it. I am calmer. Calm is also aided by having no energy. :)