current favourite instapot recipe: orange beef and rice (adapted from the instant pot bible)

It doesn't look anything like this.
When I mentioned on Facebook that I was making this, many people were interested in the recipe. So here it is, adapted from the awesome Instant Pot Bible. (My review of the cookbook is here.)

This dish, as the authors say, crosses a retro rice casserole with the taste of classic Chinese takeout. The rice will be sticky.

The original recipe is here. Below, the recipe the way I make it. What's different:

- I double everything. I have an 8-quart Instapot (yes, I know), and I always double recipes and freeze half or more.

- I find the IPB recipes to be overly cautious with seasonings. I don't eat spicy food, but I do like a lot of flavour, so I add much more herbs and spices to whatever they call for.

- The only exception to the above is salt and anything that adds salt, such as soy sauce. I use all reduced-salt products and when I'm doubling the recipe, I do not double the salt or salty things.

- This recipe has a strong orange flavour, with a little bitterness from the zest. If you like a milder flavour, reduce the amount of zest you use.

The recipe mentions that using brown rice prevents you from having a double process, first the meat, then the rice. It gives the meat enough time to get tender without overcooking the rice. I wouldn't substitute with a different kind of rice unless you know what you're doing.

They also mention that you can substitute boneless chicken thighs for the beef, also cut in ¼-inch strips.


Some vegetable oil

6-8 scallions, green part only, minced

A healthy chunk of ginger (maybe 2 inches), peeled and minced

Zest of a whole orange, minced (If you don't own a zester, this is a great opportunity to get one.)

The juice of that orange and maybe some of a second orange, so you have about 4 ounces

½ cup sodium-reduced soy sauce

2 big tablespoons hoisin sauce

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar

2 lbs (approx 1 kg) flank steak, cut in half lengthwise, then into ¼-inch-thick strips

2 cups brown rice

2½ cups of broth of any type

1. Put some oil in the pot, and heat it with the saute function. (Personally, I can't use saute on high -- the oil gets too hot and splatters. I use the medium setting.)

2. Add the scallions, ginger, and zest. Cook for a minute or so.

3. Add the beef and cook for a couple of minutes, just until it loses the raw colour.

4. Add the rice and stir well to coat.

5. Turn off the saute function. Pour in the broth, and scrape any bits that are stuck to the bottom.

6. Stir in the soy sauce, orange juice, hoisin sauce, and vinegar, and blend well.

7. Lock the lid and cook on the pressure cook setting for 20 minutes. (If you have an Instant Pot Max, you can use 17 minutes on max.)

8. When it's done, use the quick-release method to release the pressure, but don't open the cooker. Let it sit with the lid latched for another 10 minutes. Then stir and you're good to go.

Let me know what you think -- including if you dislike it. I'm interested.


Stephanie said...

Sounds delicious. i might add the zest nearer to the end. Maybe you could add it in at the end of the cooking. I think you would avoid some of the bitterness this way.

laura k said...

It's just a hint of bitterness. I like it. :)

But if you didn't, how would you add an ingredient at the end, using a pressure cooker -- after it's done? Would it then have the flavour infused throughout?

Stephanie said...

Fold it in to the rice from the hot pot.

Stephanie said...

Zest adds a a lot of flavour and (IMO) doesn't do well when cooked under pressure. I use it most when making a lemon sauce for fish. I add it to the sauce just before I am about to serve. If this makes it complicated then leave it as you have done.

laura k said...

Thanks Stephanie. Interesting! I like it as-is, but this may be useful to readers.

Stephanie said...

It is tough though because there is beef which wouldn't pick-up the orange flavour as much I would have to experiment but then fresh zest is amazing! Enjoy!