backyard baby bear

This adorable little dude was not actually in our backyard, but close enough! He or she was just over the back fence of our next-door neighbour's yard.

He was crying and mewing so loudly, we were worried he was scared or in distress. So I spoke to a conservation officer and got a little bear education. He said the bear was frightened up the tree (by the sound of dogs or people) and the vocalizing was telling mama bear where he is. Then when the perceived threat is gone, cub climbs down the tree and reunites with mama.

We thought the cub was in distress but he was just staying in touch. Luckily for us he stayed around long enough for some good pics!

Here he is without the telephoto lens.

Non-bear note. My mother is here for an extended visit. Expect more pics as we show her (some of) the beauty of the North Island.

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