jordan is the anti-egypt and petra is the anti-giza

From what little we've seen of Jordan so far, it is the opposite of Egypt in many respects. I admit we have a small sample size, but in both countries, we have seen the capital city and visited the country's top tourist attraction. Petra vs the Pyramids at Giza is a stark contrast.

Working animals
Petra: standards posted everywhere (online, print, posters, brochures), conditions passable to good, tourists asked to contribute to animal welfare by reporting perceived abuse
Giza: no standards to be found, conditions deplorable, no oversight or concern noted

Cleanliness of site
Petra: spotless, cleaning staff deployed throughout
Giza: deplorable, no trash receptacles, possibly some cleaning staff (unclear)

Washroom facilities
Petra: adequate facilities, very clean, paid staff onsite
Giza: don't ask, your stomach can't take it

Information for visitors
Petra: professional guides available for hire, noteworthy areas signposted in Arabic and English, fully professional visitor centre
Giza: none

Petra: professional guides available for hire with rates suggested
Giza: touts posing as guides available for hire at exorbitant rates

General useability for visitors
Petra: easy: passes available for one, two, or three days with minimal price difference; entire site included in pass; also available on Jordan Pass; expensive
Giza: difficult and confusing: separate admissions for different areas of site, nothing signposted; moderately inexpensive

Petra: daily express buses from Amann, 10 dinars each way
Giza: none

Petra: clean, plenty to choose from
Giza: trashed, but you can find a decent place or two

And in general:

Egypt: filthy
Jordan: clean

Friendliness to tourists
Egypt: only if you pay enough
Jordan: very

Harassment of tourists
Egypt: 90%
Jordan: 10%

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