public service announcement: troll alert

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The boy who posts as Magnolia or Magnolia_2000 is a troll. He is not my friend. He does not contribute to the conversation or debate in any possible way. He exists solely to make trouble.

I know some bloggers make it a policy to allow all comments, no matter what, but if you won't reject or delete Magnolia's comments, please, at least avoid engaging with him.

I banned Magnolia from wmtc almost four years ago, yet he still leaves comments, even though they never appear on the blog. It's bizarre - and sad. I never even see most of Mags' comments. Allan and I both have moderation privileges for each other's blogs, and Allan will just tell me, "Mags was around yesterday," or "Guess whose comments I rejected last night?"

Right now Mags is visiting blogs of people who comment on wmtc, or blogs that I link to, for the sole purpose of attempting to create trouble. Loathsome as it is to give this boy the attention he craves, this post seemed like the best way to alert the blogosphere to his presence.

For more on Mags, see my essay The Trolls Among Us at The Mark.

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