my canada includes omar khadr

Omar Khadr will receive less justice than a man accused of masterminding 9/11.
A U.S. military commission will resume hearing the case against Omar Khadr, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday, the same day the Supreme Court of Canada heard a federal government appeal in his case.

It is unclear when or where the 23-year-old inmate will face charges, but he is one of 10 high-profile detainees to be sent to the U.S. to face justice.

Five of those inmates, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, will be on trial in a federal civilian court in New York City.

So Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen, will be "tried" by a phony military tribunal, for a crime he could not have committed, while he was a child soldier.

And this is just fine with the Harper Government.

That same Government warns the Supreme Court of Canada against declaring that a government has a legal duty to protect its citizens detained abroad.

This Government is an absolute disgrace. The longer they stay in power, the more damage they do to Canada's good name and international standing.

Bring Omar Home!

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