i heart snow

I am really digging all this snow.

I don't ski or skate, and I can't remember the last time I built a snowman or had a snowball fight. But for some reason the snow is making me so happy.

Snow was just a big pain in the ass in New York City. Here, I'm loving it. Why is that?

It can't be because getting around is easier here. In New York, the trains are always running. You can always trudge to the subway and get somewhere. In Mississauga, one snowflake and the GO is late.

Getting to work this morning was no picnic. First Allan had to shovel the driveway to take me to the bus. The bus was 40 minutes late. Then it got stuck on a hill for an hour! And poor Allan, when he finally left for work, it took him an hour just to get out of our little development! Mississauga has yet to plow our street.

So it sure as hell isn't transportation.

Maybe it's because the snow stays white and beautiful here. In New York City, it's pretty the first day, and that's if you live on a small sidestreet like we did. If you live on a main drag, it's pretty for 2 hours. Then it turns black. Even Mississauga - not the most beautiful of places! - is a winter wonderland right now.

Maybe it's because for our last five winters in New York, snow made life with our special boy even more challenging than usual.

Imagine walking a dog who can't be around other dogs, so you have to cross to the other side of the street every time you see someone with a dog approaching. But only a tiny lane in the sidewalk has been shoveled. And you can't cross to the other side, because there are two snowplow mountains in the way. But you have to cross, because your dog will become uncontrollable if the other dog gets too close.

Now imagine your emotionally unstable dog is also super-sensitive to rock salt on his paw pads, so he has to wear booties. And all the supers in the neighbourhood pour rock salt all over the sidewalks instead of shoveling properly.

And when your dog goes crazy, his booties may fly off. And then he's in pain, which makes him even crazier.

Far it be for me to admit that anything is better without my B around.

So maybe it's because we have a big backyard, and I can open our sliding door, and our pups can frolic whenever they want, and I don't even have to put my boots on, never mind take them to a dog park.

Could it be I love the snow because it makes me know I live in Canada?

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