more brief updates

  • The "Engrish" editing job may not have been a scam after all. And here I deleted the question mark from the title of that post! They're looking into other methods of payment. If they'll use PayPal, I'll do it.

  • I realized I can do the notetaking work without making a long-term commitment. If no weekend doc-pro spot comes up through the summer (which I suspect will be the case), I can apply for notetaking work in August, and if I'm accepted, start work in September. Notetaking during the college term will buy me some time to wait for a good doc-pro job, as opposed to taking a schedule I dread. So while there's not enough work for my main employment, it might be an interesting and well-paid stop-gap.

  • I've been copyediting websites for various people who are not native speakers of English. I enjoy the work, and I wouldn't mind doing a lot more of it. I put an ad on Craigslist (me and a zillion other people), and I'm brainstorming other avenues to find work. Woti-Woti suggested contacting universities about thesis editing, which I have to look into. Feel free to jump in if you've got ideas.
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