I had two job interviews yesterday, both for positions with the hours I'm looking for.

One firm uses archaic equipment, is in the technological stone age and is obviously tight-fisted with salaries and benefits. They're almost sure to make me an offer, but it doesn't seem like a great place to work.

The other firm seems like a more comfortable work environment, and more competitive, but they're still talking to other people.

Allan thinks I should turn down Cheap Firm regardless of what Better Firm says. It's hard to pass up work when I keep hearing how what I'm looking for (three 12-hour days) is scarcer than ethics in the Bush administration.

Then again, are these positions as rare as everyone thinks? Allan has one, I'm leaving another, and I've already interviewed for two spots, after only two weeks of looking. It's certainly less common than straight Monday-to-Friday positions, but possibly not in the hen's teeth category.

Plus, I'm employed until June 6. I have time.

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