the final week

This is it. One week to go. Phone-banking is going gangbusters. When I started on the morning shift we had 10 or 12 people each day. Last week we had 25-30 a day. Today: 65.

ACT Ohio and ACT PA have changed their outlook from "optimistic" to "confident - as long as we do the work between now and Nov 2". Let's do the work, folks. Here's what to do, in order of priority:

- If you can take four days off, go to Ohio. Free transportation by bus, free hotel. If you want to fly or drive, you can still get the free hotel room.

- If you can't take four days, go to Pennsylvania. Free round-trip buses Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

If you do either of the above, be sure to get your absentee ballot in right away!

- If you can't travel, join the phone-bank marathon at the SEIU call center. We'll be there from 9:00 a.m. til 11:00 p.m., doing get-out-the-vote calls in every time zone. There'll be a TV on to watch returns, food, people, energy, passion and fun. Join me!

Meanwhile, the Red Sox need two more wins. I think Massachusetts is going to be celebrating big-time.

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