the invasion

The Republicans are already arriving - and the unwelcome mat is already out.

Has any convention ever been less welcome than the RNC in NYC? A, they're only exploiting us to cash in on the tragedy we lived through, B, they're making us less safe by drawing a target for terrorism and C, no one here votes for them! Small businesses located on closed streets will lose huge amounts of money, transportation will be a nightmare, and no one will benefit except a few large hotels and some famous attractions that least need the help.

There are dozens of great protests planned. Yesterday some guys rented a room at the Plaza Hotel, rappelled down the outside of the building and unfurled this beautiful banner. Later the same day, eleven ACT-UPers dropped their drawers and stopped traffic. I love it!!

The big march is Sunday. (I've had the day off planned for almost a year.) The city should worry less about the lawn and more about the Constitution. Hey Mike, have you heard? Grass grows back.

I'm extremely tempted to go to Central Park after the rally, to see how many people turn out and what's happening. We probably will, but we also have to be very careful not to get arrested. I truly don't think getting a misdemeanor arrest for protesting the RNC would actually cause Canadian immigration to reject our applications, but after investing this much into the move, we can't take a chance.

I won't attend many protests next week, because of writing assignments, and because of Haven. Many of us are holding space on our calendars in case we are needed, since transportation promises to be otherworldly. I'm also committed to captaining the ACT phone crew twice next week.

One demo that I might attend is The Unemployment Line: thousands of people lining Broadway from Wall Street to the convention, all waving pink slips, symbolizing the 1.2 million jobs lost since 2001 and the 8 million unemployed Americans. (Did someone say economic recovery? Yeah, right.)

Another goodie is a reading of the Constitution by some illustrious New Yorkers. My one-time pal Chuck Close is among them.

So. Let's get out there. Let's march and wave signs and voice our displeasure at the RNC and everything it stands for.

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